Coaching Can Help You Create a New Future

Do you even know that it is actually possible?

Did you see the signs? Did you plot the trajectory?

Change is the only constant.

Yet, we try to keep life constant.

So if there is no change for good, damn, there must be change for bad. Even no change is bad.

Maybe you did see the signs, and did not think anything can be helped. You have "no choice" but to slip into the screwed up life.

Yo. You are the Captain of your Ship / Shit. The Pilot of your Life / Strife. The Driver of your Car / Tar.
You are in more control than you think. And more often than not, you are over-controlling.

Maybe you saw in your future, that your kids are less close to you than you want. Or you saw a possible affair breaking up your marriage. Or that your steadily increasing weight will kill your libido and give you a whole cock's-tail of other health problems?

Do something about it.

Have a beer/coffee with me. Lets talk.

How will conversations with you help?

Look, we all know what to do, ok? But for some reason, we dont. And that itself is worth a conversation already.

Imagine how much more power you will have, if you are in full awareness of your self-limiting ideas.

The chat with me, has me explore life with you. We will visit what life is or is not. What norm is or is not.

But be warned, I will challenge you. Because what you think may be true and real for you, may be just an impression or a projection of something or someone else.

It can be a blue pill / red pill moment for you. Imagine how fun the rabbit's hole can be. Dont get twisted here.

We might co-create some action plan, because change involves some "doing". These actions when becomes a habit, becomes your future.

Maybe even just by talking it through, you will have a better and clearer picture of what you want and what you can do.

Its not "just talking". Its diving into your world which you call your reality, to see how you see the world.