A great coach help me realise that I have more to appreciate myself for, than I realise.

That convinced me when I have much to acknowledge myself for, over 3 days.

So, I am using this space to Acknowledge Myself, as a reminder of how I am wonderful, in my own way.

I acknowledge myself (something I am proud of)

  1. I acknowledge myself for starting my day (today at least) with a chaplet of the Rosary.
  2. I acknowledge myself for adjusting the Google Ads for smokingcabin.sg, adding a bunch of negative keywords.
  3. I acknowledge myself for seeking support. For making an appointment with a friend who is superior in marketing, to buy him coffee in exchange for marketing tips.
  4. I acknowledge myself for being giving towards my beautiful wife when she needed to use the PC for her parent volunteer event planning.
  5. I acknowledge myself for initiating to do crayon colouring with Nathanael in the afternoon.
  6. I acknowledge myself for apologising to Nathanael when I was too frank to my mum about Nat’s one-leg jumping around due to vaccination injection on thigh. He said it was a secret and was hurt that I told this to my mum.
  7. I acknowledge myself for starting to use this space to collect my Self Acknowledgements.

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