Awww... You Are A Dad Now?
You Are Doing Fine.
You Really Didnt F**k Up.

I Am A Father Too

As a dad myself, a million thoughts run through my head...

  • Did I help with the kids enough?
  • Did I help too much?
  • Should I have been more patient on them?
  • I shouldnt have smacked them, am I a bad dad?
  • Oh my temper, its making my kids distant. What can I do?
  • I dont have time for them, but I dont want to miss them growing up...
  • Am I doing favouritism? Is that bad?
  • My wife's giving them screen time. I dont want that.
  • Kids are screaming for the device, wife is refusing them. Argh.
  • The grandparents are spoiling the kids... How do I manage that?
  • Kid's going to school. Can they handle?
  • Argh, my kid's a tyrant, future CEO my foot! Right now, total a**hole.
  • How can I be a better dad?
  • How do I treasure the moments with them now?
  • How do I make them love me?
  • How can I love them?

You are OK. You can be the wonderful dad that you want to be.

The questions you have in your head, the doubts of your ability, your methods, I believe you have it in there, somewhere, to know what to do.

Maybe all you need is a little clarity. Perhaps a little talk-through to help you refine the strategy.

And a good execution with some adjustments.

Small doable actions, to get you on track to become the father you want to be.

Let's have a chat to see how we can go about that. Come on, Have a (virtual) beer/coffee with me.

Virtual Coffee Beer


Lets have a chat and enjoy a virtual CB together. (CB = Coffee Beer* lah!!!)

First round on me. Gotta finish in 1hr, otherwise, beer not nice already.

* No real beer/coffee involved.



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